"The BPEF's internship program was a welcome addition to my journalism education and laid a strong groundwork for my subsequent career, providing me with valuable insights about journalism in general and business journalism in particular."

--Alaric DeArment, Associate Editor at DrugStore News Group, New York, NY

"I found out about the BPEF program through a fellow Ohio University student. At the time, I was sending out resumes like crazy and unlike my unsolicited resumes, BPEF kept in touch as the summer neared and kept me posted on openings. After one interview, I started June 1st and began working for four different publications on product listings, simple Q&A’s and eventually features. Throughout the summer I learned a lot about b-to-b media and the food and beverage industry. Without the BPEF program I would have no idea about the extent of business-to-business media and all the opportunities within the industry."

--Jennifer Zegler, Editor at BNP Media, Beverage Industry, Deerfield IL

Completing a BPEF internship was probably the best thing I could have done for my career. I was responsible for writing news, product briefs and editing articles from in-house and contributing writers. I even got to work on a couple of cover stories. My biggest project throughout the summer was researching candidates for the annual Trendsetters list. My editing and writing skills improved and now that I’m getting ready to graduate, I’m looking at a career in business press, which is something I wouldn’t have considered before my internship. The people I worked with treated me like an equal and I never had to do anyone else’s filing or busy work. Improving my journalism skills wasn’t all I learned over the summer. During lunch we often went outside to picnic and play bocce ball or croquet!"

--Laurie Banyay, BPEF Intern at Hanley Wood, Washington DC

I got to do a lot of exciting things during my time at Architectural Record. The editors gave me important responsibilities, and I even got to organize an architectural exhibition at Pratt Institute. As I got further on in the internship, my writing assignments became longer and more complicated, but the editors guided me as I produced interesting stories. In September, I researched photos for our special coverage of Hurricane Katrina. This was the first time I worked at a professional publication, and it helped reaffirm my love of journalism. It's an experience I'll never forget."

--Greg Hafkin, BPEF intern at The McGraw-Hill Companies, New York NY

"My advisor at Louisiana Tech University told me to apply for the BPEF internship program because a few students in the past had received an internship and loved it. I really felt a part of the magazine during my time as an intern. I was included in all the staff meetings, got to write short stories for the website, edited stories for the magazine and worked on a special project for an annual magazine. The staff really welcomed me and I enjoyed every day of my internship."

--Jordan Marshall, BPEF intern at Reed Business Information, Boston MA