For Students

The BMEF Internship Program accepts applications from college sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students. Applicants must have completed their sophomore year of college by June and be a full-time student. A GPA of 3.0 or higher within your major is required.

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For Companies

The best way to ensure that the most promising and brightest students are exposed to careers in b-to-b media is to give them hands-on experience in your company as a BMEF intern. BMEF recruits candidates from among the best colleges and universities in the country.

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About ABM

Founded in 1906, ABM is positioned at the center of the global b-to-b ecosystem. As the only industry association focused on the entire b-to-b business model - data, events, information, marketing services and media 

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About BMEF

The Business Media Educational Foundation (BMEF) Internship program gives college students the chance to work at business media companies, in either editorial or non-editorial roles. BMEF, affiliated with ABM, the association of business information and media companies, was established in 1985 by Harold W, McGraw Jr., Chairman of The McGraw-Hill Companies.